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Attempt for Existence Justification

Ontological.city is a community that's fond of debating on philosophy, society, existence, politics, degrowth and other controversial ideas.

We are a mastodon instance for all those times you read the Phenomenology of Spirit and think how did Georg manage to fool everyone that he knows what he's talking about?

Or maybe it's Heidegger Tuesday and you just saw Thus in the next sentence, hoping to finally understand everything: "Thus to work out the question of Being adequately, we must make an entity—the inquirer—transparent in his own Being. The very asking of this question is an entity's mode of Being; and as such it gets its essential character from what is inquired about—namely, Being."

Hmmm, ok, maybe it's time to relax for today. Let's watch some Žižek on YouTube:

"The waiter asks him about hors d'oeuvre, and he responds: No, no, I'm not hors d'oeuvre, I have my job, I can pay for it, and so on, and so on."

Conclusion: there is a need for a place to share all these things. Enter ontological.city.

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