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I didn't realize when i bought it that the book was written 2006, but I'm still pretty interested to read "Producing Open Source Software," by Karl Fogel.

I just joined an #opensource software company and I have a lot to learn.

Next read: I've got the audiobook of Margaret Atwood's "The Testaments". Figured I'd intersperse the heavy stuff with *some* fiction.

#books #nowreading

Next (current) read: if Beale Street Could Talk, by James Baldwin

Just finished the Tombs of Atuan by #UrsulaKLeGuin. The whole thing, cover to cover, on #archiveorg. The Internet rules.

Next book is "City at World's End" by Edmond Hamilton, a 1950s #scifi book hosted on #Librivox.

Thus far, it's classic 1950s fare. A square-jawed team of white man scientists are flung into the far future along with their town. The local government is weak, the women are frail and must be protected.

For all that the premise is interesting - reminds me of "The Night Land" and "The City and the Stars" - post post post apocalypse cities surviving on doomed worlds.

Next read is "The Buried Giant," by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Post-Aurthurian legend where nobody can form long term memories.

Next read is Andrew Krivak's "The Bear". A father- daughter post-apocalypse tale.

Next Read is "Kiss The Ground" by Josh Tickell.

I started a job in October trying to help farmers (and other people living on the land) practice #RegenerativeAgriculture. We've got to store that #carbon and save the world.

More of an essay than a book, but my next read is "Making Kin with the Machines" by Jason Edward Lewis, Noelani Arista, Archer Pechawis, and Suzanne Kite.

#ai #indigenous

Next book is "Let It Rot!: The Gardener's Guide to Composting" by Stu Campbell.

Yay! Excited to get into "All We Can Save" by @ayanaeliza and Katherine K. Wilkinson

#climate #science #activism #ClimateCrisis

Next read, this time with the kiddo. "We Are The Water Protectors"

Beautiful illustrations. The right story.

The #Equity, #Diversity, and #Inclusion Working Group (EDIWG) at #NASA, published a white paper called "Ethical Exploration and the Role of Planetary Protection in Disrupting Colonial Practices" and it calls for incorporating #anticolonial practices as we explore other worlds.

I'm going to give this a shot! "Sustaining Lake Superior" by Nancy Langston is about a mass effort of #conservation and #recovery in a time of #ClimateChange.

Just finished "The Fall of Gondolin" by #jrrtolkien. More moved than I expected to do.

Before that "Deus X" by Norman Spinrad was the read. I first read it in high school, dusted it off as a pallet cleanser. A cyberpunk novel musing on the soul of software while the global ecosystem collapses.

#currentlyreading "Mission Economy" by Mariana Mazzucato. A call for stakeholder, rather than shareholder #capitalism.

I finally read "Ghost in the Shell" by Masamune Shirow. The manga basis for the classic 1996 film. Did you know the entire book is available on

#manga #GhostInTheShell

I finished reading the Lord of the Rings again. This time around the anti-industrialist, naturalist themes really stood out to me. The evil done to the Shire is industrialization; to win, our heroes end up deconstructing a coal-fired mill and building back a water-powered one.

#lotr #lordoftherings #books #nature


Just finished "Blackout / All Clear" by Connie Willis! What a monster.

New Read: "Anarchism: A Collection of Revolutionary Writings" by Peter Kropotkin.

Apparently Kropotkin's writings inspired #ursulaleguin's "The Dispossessed". I've been on a Russian Revolution history binge of late, so I'm excited to add this to the mix.

Will the #fediverse #anarchist community come out of the woodwork? 😃

"Those who think to win the world
by doing something to it,
I see them come to grief.
For the world is a sacred object.

Nothing is to be done to it.
To doanything to it is to damage it.
To seize it is to lose it.

Under heaven some things lead, some follow,
some blow hot, some cold,
some are strong, some are weak,
some are fulfilled, some fail.

So the wise soul keeps away
from the extremes, excess, extravagance."

- "Not Doing", Tao Te Ching

☝️The above poem was written thousands of years before the industrial revolution, but it seems very poignant in the days of #ClimateCrisis.

The drive for economic growth the expense of the health of the soil and the biosphere is short sighted. #RegenerativeAg practices that add health to the soil, promote #biodiversty and #sustainability are a critical "letting go", a "living with" as opposed to seizure.

"Everybody says my way is great
but improbable.

All greatness
is improbable.
What's probable
is tedious and petty."

It seems Lao Tzu wanted a light touch emperor, but #UrsulaLeGuin uses his words to praise #anarchism. It feels very impish, I imagine this millenia-old man looking on at what she's doing and shouting, "hey, not like THAT!"


@Argus Lao Tzu can be paradoxical at times. I think ultimately he believed in a type of simple collectivism but if course he also said how a ruler should be

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