- Deliver a new terminology and show the logical implications of this terminology. In this way the worth of the concepts are increased as many other concepts follow from the terminology. (Possibly, you can spell out Kant in this way too as he delivered a new terminology too.)
It is like with money which gets increased as in case of inflation and decreased as in case of deflation. (Compare the usage nowadays of a "deflationary truth theory" which is used sometimes inflationary 😉.)

That seems to be the self-referential epistemic joke of him, cp. a aphorism in "Beyond Good and Evil" where he talks about the prevalence of books (should be somewhere in the beginning-middle). So, how does an author gets recognized in times when books become rampant? or in times of mass culture?

Hegesias, "esclave", respectively, being enslaved - to what?
- To truth?/identity? To what the majority wants?
In my opinion Nietzsche uses this terminology of slaves and other very expressive words because he wants to establish a new terminology.

Hegesias, possibly you are right (thanks for google-translation (my french is... )): it's good to have a distinction and to be distinct from others. Possibly, as Arendt would also claim, we all are not the same. But, according to my perspective and to speak with Kant, everybody should be at least able to make distinctions. If not we are in the same situation as the frog in the following video (1:30 Min.):
Alexander Kluge: Früchte des Vertrauens (filmedktion suhrkamp)

Zermelo, to be exact: Hegel is lame if and only if he is not.

Hegesias quotes much of Nietzsche.
Nietzsche is interesting to me for in Beyond Good and Evil he writes that it is not about truth but the worth of truth. Now, worth can be increased or decreased. You can spell this out in terms of a regress of conditions.

If you like philosophy check out:


I am preparing for simplifying Monsieur/Mr. Schopenhauer.


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